Welcome to Vanilla version 0.6.3. A powerful Wiki system written in Rebol. The main site of Vanilla is at www.vanillasite.at/ This one is for 0.6.3 specifically. (Go to our Downloads page to download.)

Vanilla is an open source system and we hope that everyone will download it, enjoy it and extend it.

new features:

To begin with, Vanilla 0.6.3 is to be configured exactly as Vanilla 0.6.2. Read the main readme.txt file first and follow the sequence of reading of text files given there. The file you are reading now should be the last file that you should be reading in your pre-installation reading sequence.

For version 0.6.3 it is assumed that the "res" folder here is mapped to /resources url.

Now read on:

There are some more stuff you need to do for correct performance. You will have to use vanilla.private.conf which is kept privately in the same folder as vanilla.r and all the following instructions are to do with that file.

There is a "magic" variable whose value MUST be changed by the admin (and remembered!). The value of that variable is asked when doing a manual registration. This ensures that only the system admin (and others with whom the admin has changed the "magic" secret) will be able to manually register users. Hence, in this version you can use the users registered with a password, as well as openId users.

The next most important variable is the botbouncer.com API key that you will have to set botbouncer.com gives a simple API to check an openID login. Do not use the API key present in the installation archive. It will NOT work and you may wonder why openId is not working. You will also have to set the subversion parameters in that file carefully if you are using that feature.

Tags, Rich text editing and openId works out of the box. As explained before openID only works if you had correctly set the API key from botbouncer. I have implemented a simple automatic indexing system for Tags, but haven't tested it extensively. Let me know your experience.

If you want your factory made snip titles to change; do that in vanilla.private.conf Titles of snips made on the fly (i.e. while using Vanilla) wil not change.

If you don't want Subversion, set up 'use-subversion' variable in vanilla.private.conf as 'false'

If you do want subversion, it MUST be setup before you ask Vanilla to use it. Note that Subversion can slow down saving of snips if it works across the wires through a slow connection from the webserver to the the subversion repository. It would be better to setup subversion to work on the local file system rather than via TCP-IP. Restoration of snips back using subversion has to be done separately.

There is no user interface for setting up or restoring subversion in this version of Vanilla. The connection to Subversion is a simple one, and Vanilla does the invocation silently. If you get some problem after setting up Subversion, then turn debug on (which means "Content-type: text/plain^/" must be the first line that is spit out by vanilla.cgi) and you will see the error messages.

To re-install Vanilla 0.6.3
If you want to get Vanilla back to a squeaky clean state (maybe after you've experimented around a bit) this is what you should do:

1. Delete all the user files in "db/user" sub-folder of this folder (Those files start with numbers).
2. Delete all session files in "db/sessions" sub-folder of this folder
3. Delete all files you see in "space" sub-folder of this folder (Do NOT touch the folders WITHIN "space")
4. Make sure that the file "user.max" in "db/user" has the value of -1 inside it and nothing else.

Credit must be given to the simple, yet effective rich text HTML editor developed by Cameron Adams (http://www.themaninblue.com/) which I've modified slightly for use here. It seems to work fine in IE, Netscape, Chrome and Safari. Opera gives a hiccup which I have not yet attended to.

I am not the original author of Vanilla. I've done only some modifications for the above set of features. Hope you like it. You can contact me via the contact details present at http://www.sabufrancis.com Unfortunately I currently do not have time for much documentation/support as this is not my main work. I would be happy if someone can document this potentially nice piece of software.


-Sabu Francis
Sept 28 2008; Navi Mumbai, India